Mr. Robot

Sans his Robot Factory

Mr. Robot is a remake of an Atari / C64 platform game originally developed by Ron Rosen and published by Datamost in 1984.

It was developed in the period of June to August 2016, a few hours every night, totalling 23 nights.

The engine, comprised of SDL 2 and lua, bound by a simple engine done in C# made development of the game logic rapid and comfortable. No more compile-times, just tweak, refresh, and whammo! Instant feedback.

All original 21 levels are included, plus one extra final level. During testing, we found that we needed to tweak a little on a few of the levels even if they are solvable in the original game. We couldn't in good conscience inflict such torture on today's fragile lot of players, so it was made a tiny bit easier.

The level editor (aka. The Robot Factory) was not included. There was doubt whether anyone cared about this game enough to justify spending time on it, and using Tiled was so easy to begin with.

The remake was released 13th August 2016 and was downloaded (and hopefully played) some 400 times in total.