Sleepyhead was inspired by Solomon's Key (Taito, 1986), but has really more in common with games such as Spherical (Rainbow Arts, 1990) and Wizzy's Quest (Guido A., 1990).

It's in the middle of the night, and our little Sleepyhead has gone out on an involuntary journey while asleep. It's you who have to guide him through the perils of the underground castle ruins, and helping him safely into bed again.

It was originally named "Save Me Robot", which is why there's a little robot there.

It served well as a testbed for a new engine, but development was ultimately suspended due to a growing realisation that the game is really boring to play.


First (and only) level, a gentle introduction showing the entire concept.

Sleepyhead himself makes his first appearance.

The first prototype.