Yuppie Bungee Taxi


Global events nobody could have seen coming floods Wall Street, but money makes the world go round. You're a jet-pack operator in the sharing economy, making a fraction of minimum wage by transporting important money-makers from floor to floor, office to office.


The first idea was to do something similar to H.E.R.O. (Activision, 1984), but the verlet mechanics soon made way for a Space Taxi (Muse Software, 1984) inspired game, where your objective is to transport suits from platform to platform. To not lose money, they must not be bumped or killed. You must also keep an eye of your fuel, refuel at the fuelo-stations as needed. For extra bonus, fling them safely onto the platform.

The idea is still good, in my opinion. I'd love to see it in action, and especially as multiplayer!


Here's a gif from the latest version showing fuel pod and businessmen.


The first prototype, with platform graphics lifted off Balloon Fight!


The Wall Street setting, a very stiff verlet, and a funny energy accumulation bug.


Picking up angry customers.


Uh-oh, too rough driving.