Looking through old projects, I found this 1994 attempt at an Amiga remake of the 1983 8-bit game Zenji

An interesting discovery was a few songs I made for the game using the esoteric Brian Postma's SoundMonitor 2 from 1990, which was a hybrid chip / sample music editor.

Once I get an Amiga environment up and running, I'll try assembling the game and take some screenshots and make a gameplay video.

I don't know what where the name Zenzer came from, but in the early 2000s, I used it as a "company" name. I even own zenzer.net to this day, and still like the name — maybe I'll use it for something, someday.


Assets from the game. Meticulously rotated in DPaint.


Recorded these songs using Hippoplayer. No processing applied.

Title - A cover of Martin Galway's Ocean Loader, by an anonymous author which is not me. Added for completeness.
Get ready jingle
In-game loop - An asian-flavoured 2-channel track. The bass notes seems to be from Last Ninja. Repetitive but, kind of catchy.
Level completed jingle
Game over jingle