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New - History of games played... poorly.


In the warm summer of '21 I finally took the plunge and started streaming semi-regularly, trying to get in a few hours every week, real-life permitting.

The overarching purpose of the stream is to play — unintendedly badly — games from 1983 and up, year by year. You see, apart from the usual turbo-tape classics (hello Stix!), there are tons of obscure games that I never got the chance to play back in the 20th century, the century of youth and adoration.

That is no way to have lived.

So what better way to improve an existence, than to enjoy some light-hearted retro-gaming among like-minded friends?

I also feature SIDs, demos, musicdisks, requests, newer games or other C64 related content. Mostly on an Ultimate 64 Elite sporting authentic 6581AR4 and 8580R5 SIDs, both from my peak year of 1987. (If you have to know, I was born in 1976)

Few gimmicks. No bits, rewards, coins. The only exception is The Randominator™, an A.I. (cough) that randomly selects games, and assists my spotty memory by keeping track of games played. Another thing introduced in 2022 was a C64-ish overlay with some old trivia and BasicLINES game. A Trivia app is popular with the viewers, and more is in the works!

You're welcome to pop in. Participate in the chat like the adult you are, or simply lurk — it's your choice. I still hope you'll find some entertainment, however you choose.

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There are gems to be found in the rubble. I make an effort to regularly feature the games here. So if you happen to like the kind of games I like, then maybe you'll find something interesting here, too. The list is kept newest to oldest.

Castles of Dr. Creep, The Castles of Dr. Creep, The
1984 Bröderbund
Colourful graphics, challenging gameplay and innovative mechanics elevate this game to a true gem. It's even got 2 player hotseat mode! A must-play.
Wizard Wizard
1984 Progressive Peripherals
Obviously inspired by Jumpman, this game improves on it superbly. Great gameplay, great obstacles and monsters, nice graphics and sound, tons of screens, and even a screen editor. This game's got it all!
Gnome Gnome
1984 Ing. W. Hofacker GmbH
This strange game first appeared to be another impossibly hard, buggy mess. But layer after layer of depth came to the surface, making it a hidden jewel well worth playing. Hint: Moving about is actually in 3D! And, oh, dust off that German dictionary. Rumour has it that this will get an update, somehow...


Some games are worth a revisit, and may even be promoted to Gems at a later time. Note that obvious classics are not present.

Sabre Wulf Sabre Wulf
1985 Firebird/Ultimate
This is only here because it's made by Greg Duddle, and is in the same style, of Willow Pattern. :-)
Maxwell Manor Maxwell Manor
1985 Avalon Hill
The Skull of Doom. Not entirely sure why this is here, but it's one of those weird arcade adventures you just have to find out what's around the bend of.
Critical Mass Critical Mass
1985 Durell
An 8-way scrolling shooter which initially felt too hard, but once you get a grip on the controls it's now a question of: How soon can I get to the nuclear plant? And, oh: Jet-pack!
Who Dares Wins II Who Dares Wins II
1985 Alligata
It started off as a Commando clone, but Elite got angry so they made new levels and released it as a sequel. Still some soldier action, less fast-paced than Commando, but still some good shoot'em up fun. Be sure to check out the original which was leaked recently!
Tropical Fever Tropical Fever
1985 Colosoftware
Another platformer with interesting mechanics. Couldn't get past the first screen, but still. Lure the panther into the cage, but watch out for the mischievous monkey and other natives. What's on the next screen?
Thunderbirds Thunderbirds
1985 Firebird
Thunderbirds! A TV series I never knew, but the game is interesting. Equip and operate the thunderbirds to navigate the underground complex.
Wizardry Wizardry
1985 The Edge
We all know the music, and for the UKers this is a classic. But did the rest of us know? Adventurous Isometric CRPG Hack'n'Slash.
Chuckie Egg II Chuckie Egg II
1985 A'N'F
Old-school high-res platformer with some puzzle concepts, that play's quite good and envokes some sense of wonder.
Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz
1985 American Eagle
It's a Frank Cohen game, and in his familiar style. Add a beer brewing concept, and you have something going.
Entombed Entombed
1985 Ultimate
Nice graphics and sound, interesting puzzles in this adventure. Strange he wears a cricket outfit, but that can be forgiven.
Starquake Starquake
1985 Bubble Bus
Multi-screen platformer action in high resolution! Good presentation overall, and a challenge too boot.
Summer Games II Summer Games II
1985 Epyx
We all know Summer Games is a classic, but Summer Games II? Turns out, it's better than we all mis-remembered!
Shaun Southern returns with a large, multi-room platformer adventure. If you can get past the annoying edge-collision detection and the constantly respawning monsters, there's something fascinating going on here.
Dynamite Dan Dynamite Dan
1985 Mirrorsoft
Finally one of these wierd Speccy ports that actually looks quite good. A good challenge to be had here in pursuit of eight dynamite sticks all over a big world.
Fast Tracks Fast Tracks
1985 Activision
Slot car simulator with a construction kit, and indeed a fun little racer once you get a hang of the controls.
Zenji Zenji
1984 Activision
An interesting puzzle concept - connect pieces to the power source. Unfortunately, unnecessary foes detract some "zen" from the experience, but it's still enjoyable.
Quari Quari
1984 Jetsoft
The animations are hilarious, but you feel like you're in control of the protagonist, a British Indiana Jones chased by Barney? And, let's have another go.
Firequest Firequest
1984 The Edge
Ugh! - the caveman - is on a new quest. A quest of fire. Tough as nails, sometimes tedious, but also quite wonderful.
What's interesting about this stunt-jump game is that there are no gauges or meters. It's all based on the "feel" for the jump.
Crossfire Canyon Crossfire Canyon
1984 BCI Software
A suprisingly smooth playable high-score racker, and an interesting concept.
Apple Cider Spider Apple Cider Spider
1984 Sierra On-Line
Our nimble spider must time her movements well in her quest through the hazardous cider factory.
Ankh Ankh
1984 Datamost
A puzzling adventuring to mystify you as you navigate your ship (?) through.. well, whatever it is.
Olympic Skier Olympic Skier
1984 Mr. Chip
Darn fun alpine, ski-jumping and freestyle winter game, urging you to improve your score at every turn.
Fred Fred
1984 Argus Press
Almost a classic, Fred is a quite interesting and playable little tomb adventure.
Quest for Quintana Roo Quest for Quintana Roo
1984 Sunrise Software
Let's enter another pyramid and find out what secrets it conceals.
Castle of Jasoom Castle of Jasoom
1984 Accelerated Software
Intriguing arcade-rpg with some mechanics, albeit a bit drab exterior. There could be more to it, we have to find out.
Rocket Roger Rocket Roger
1984 Alligata
Roger's rocketing, and rocketing is a rocky road.
White Viper White Viper
1984 Front Runner
Nice animations and interesting mechanics in this "save the princess" adventure. Trap the horse, and you're on your way!
Countdown to Meltdown Countdown to Meltdown
1984 Creative Sparks
Quite complex adventure with a good atmosphere. Utilizing up to eight androids, can you stop the nuclear meltdown in time?
Bozo's Night Out Bozo's Night Out
1984 Taskset
Help Bozo home from the pub, but watch out! Gameplay requires some hand-eye coordination, so I recommend to down a few beers before you have a go at this.
Below the Root Below the Root
1984 Spinnaker
Arcade adventure sporting a a big world, NPCs and mysterious quests. Appears to have depth, and could be an intriguing play for the adventurous.
Chiller Chiller
1984 Mastertronic
The Darlings are back with this budget classic. Tough platforming, as usual, but with seemingly more variety than usual. And great music!
Captain Starlight Captain Starlight
1984 Data Media
An above-average jet-pack game with some interesting mechanics and a sense of exploration.
Black Belt Black Belt
1984 Earthware
I'm a sucker for martial arts games. Animations in this game are not too shabby, but gameplay is a little on the slow side.
Zig-Zag Zig-Zag
1984 DK Tronic
Surprisingly fast and responsive "3D" maze game having you hunt down and eliminate aw, too cute monsters.
Ghost Chaser Ghost Chaser
1984 Advantage
Frank Cohen is back in recognizable style. It's rather Chased by Ghosts, and as usual an interesting challenge.
Toy Bizarre Toy Bizarre
1984 Activision
Initially complex arcade action, but when you get it, you'll have quite some fun!
Mancopter Mancopter
1984 Datasoft
Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it Flappy Bird? No, it's the copter of a Man!
House of Usher House of Usher
1984 Kingsoft
A spooky multi-room challenge. Do you dare enter?
Henry's House Henry's House
1984 English Software
Henry is trying to make his way through a commoner's house. Nice gameplay and fun mechanics.
Micro Power Micro Power
1984 Ghouls
I have a sweet spot for hard platformers with simple and clean graphics. Just like Ghouls.
TYMAC Software TYMAC Software
1984 Gandalf the Sorcerer
Gandalf is struggling to defend his castle in this shooter with nice graphics and sound.
Doriath Doriath
1984 Virgin Games
Keys, chalices, secrets will mystify in this arcade adventure.
The Dark Tower The Dark Tower
1984 Melbourne House
Tough as nails platforming exploration.
Cuthbert in the Tombs Cuthbert in the Tombs
1984 Microdeal
A classic top-down/side-view arcade adventure that we all like so much.
Conan Conan
1984 Datasoft
Strange colours, wonky gameplay and flickering sprites still leaves a desire to see what's beyond the next screen. And it was programmed by Ron J. Fortier of Bruce Lee fame!
Tales of the Arabian Nights Tales of the Arabian Nights
1984 Interceptor
Spell the word in order and unlock the next screen.
Spelunker Spelunker
1984 Bröderbund
It's a classic, and there's a reason for it. A journey deep into mysterious caves!
Black Knight Black Knight
1984 Interdisc
Nice music, good graphics. Funny horse. A bit buggy, but it tickles the urge to see what's next.
Swoop Swoop
1984 Micro Power
A smooth and playable Invader shooter.
Mystic Mansion Mystic Mansion
1984 US Gold
Simple graphics betrays a challenging puzzle journey through the vast mansion.
Mr. Dig Mr. Dig
1984 Microdeal
A Mr. Do! inspired game that plays very well.
Hot Pop Hot Pop
1984 Melbourne House
An entertaining little Japanese style puzzle platformer with screen editor and surprisingly "modern" gameplay.
WitchSwitch WitchSwitch
1984 English Software
Fun little children's (?) game that has you morphing from one animal to the next.
Whistler's Brother Whistler's Brother
1984 Brøderbund
Whistle your busy Doctor-brother to his destination. Interesting platformer puzzle concept, challenging mechanics.
Smuggler Smuggler
1984 Abbex Software
Frustrating but intriguing puzzle-platformer. How many "sheets" could there be?
Caverns of Khafka Caverns of Khafka
1984 Cosmi
Paul Norman strikes again with more great music in a very mysterious and alluring game. Is this even finishable?
Storm Warrior Storm Warrior
1984 Front Runner
Don't remember why this was tagged, but there's something to it.
Ollie's Follies Ollie's Follies
1984 Access Software
Another Frank Cohen game that has a recognizable style and some good mechanics.
Mind Control Mind Control
1984 Mastertronic
Tough platforming by the Darlings. It's one of those potentially rage-quitting games that you just have to have another go at.
Jury's still out on this one, but once one gets the mechanics, it grows on you. What on earth hides in the centre of the Earth?
Crazy Conveyors Crazy Conveyors
1983 Bytes and Bits
Floors & ladders game with level editor and stuff happening. Hard foes ruin some of the fun, but still interesting.
Artillery Duel Artillery Duel
1983 Action Graphics / Xonox
Early Scorched Earth game.
Blagger Blagger
1983 Alligata Software
A Crowther (what's a crowther?) makes things difficult for thieves in this classic, tough, multi-room platformer.
Cohen's Towers Cohen's Towers
1983 Fanda / Datamost, Inc.
Can the newly hired mail-room boy make his way up the ranks? Or will he be demoted by poodles or falling potty plants.
Crazy Caveman Crazy Caveman
1983 Merlin Software
The bible says cavemen and dinosaurs lived together in harmony. Until now, that is.
Fire Ant Fire Ant
1983 Mogul / Victory Software
Mike Wacker! Simple and effective graphics, and some puzzling to be had.
Hard Hat Mack Hard Hat Mack
1983 Electronic Arts
Apparently EA's debut game. If we can hack that annoying guy on the right away, it could actually be playable.
Hideous Bill and the Gi-Giants Hideous Bill and the Gi-Giants
1983 Virgin Games
I don't know why this is here.
Lady Tut Lady Tut
1983 Spinnaker Software
There's something about these early maze exploration games...
Mabel's Mansion Mabel's Mansion
1983 Datamost, Inc.
I don't know who Mabel is, but her mansion seems like it's hiding some secrets.
Mountain King Mountain King
1983 Beyond
Who is the Mountain King, and how to we get there? We have to find out!
Sammy Lightfoot Sammy Lightfoot
1983 Sierra Online, Inc.
Sammy makes his way through levels of loads-of-stuff happening, which I love. Now, if we just can get past level 1 ...

2 player hotseat

I thought I'd also keep a list of two player hotseat games, to be played by two humans in the same room. Any streamers out there with friends? Anyone?

Castles of Dr. Creep, The Castles of Dr. Creep, The
1984 Bröderbund
Colourful graphics, challenging gameplay and innovative mechanics elevate this game to a true gem. It's even got 2 player hotseat mode! A must-play.
Real of Impossibility Real of Impossibility
1984 Electronic Arts
Interesting action RPG'ish Zombie exploration.
Stock Car Stock Car
1984 Micro Power
Overhead bumpy ride. Watch out for oil slicks.
I prefer the original Decathlon, but this can still be fun against a friend.
Warriors of Zypar Warriors of Zypar
1984 Synapse
Once you get grip on the ruleset, this looks like it could be a quite fun 2-player arena game.
Mario Bros Mario Bros
1984 Atarisoft
Bump those turtles with a friend. Most probably knows the Ocean version, but this one is also fun.
Save New York Save New York
1983 Creative Software
Defend the big apple from aliens, and duke it out in the subway. My friends and I used to play this every time we turbo-taped it.