Rebel Android


dmx is the Rebel Android, the Rebel Android is dmx.

I'm dabbling in retro gaming, development, reverse-engineering, hacking, music + fx for both modern and older systems.

On C64, I am a member of Megastyle where I do some music and occasional coding and testing for game productions.

I hope to provide some interesting technical information and background info on this site.

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Sometimes I post retro music on SoundCloud


Mr. RobotReleasedA remake of the classic Atari / C64 game. (Windows, 2016)
AgentsDiscontinuedA Lode Runner-ish games about agents in skyscrapers. (Windows)
SleepyheadDiscontinuedA Solomon's Key inspired puzzle game about a sleepwalking boy and a little robot. (Windows)
Yuppie Bungee TaxiDiscontinuedUnforeseen global events flooded Wall Street, but brokers still need to make money. Jetpack them around the offices. (Windows)
The KickboxerDiscontinuedThis platformer beat'em up would put you in the role of The Kickboxer, in the hunt for your love of life's evil kidnappers. (Ouya)