Rebel Android

Greetings! We are a collective of geezers trying to squeeze in time for some retro game development for any platform we deem interesting. We grew up in the 8- and 16-bit era, so naturally we're strongly inspired by those old classics of yore.

There are no deadlines whatsoever, so projects can take a long time to complete. They may also be suspended for ages, or cancelled altogether.

Such is the luxury of being a Rebel Android! The downside is that we've to eat scraps from garbage cans to survive.

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Mr. Robot (Windows, 2016)

Guide Mr. Robot through 22 levels in the factory. He must pick up all floor-lights before he can proceed to the next level. A remake of the classic Atari/C64 game.


Agents (Windows)

There are skyscrapers in the night brim with secret documents. Entering is dangerous and not for the faint of heart, so The Agency had to call YOU for the job. The game was inspired by Lode Runner, but with some mechanical differences.

Sleepyhead (Windows)

In this Solomon's Key inspired game, you would have to save little Sleepyhead from various deadly hazards while he (she) was walking in his sleep. Unfortunately, it turned out to be way too boring to play.

Yuppie Bungee Taxi (Windows)

Unforeseen global events flooded Wall Street, but the show must go on. Transport important businessmen to their next million dollar deal from platform to platform using your high-powered but battery-hungry jet-pack.

The Kickboxer (Ouya, Android, Windows)

This platform game would put you in the role as a martial artist only known as "The Kickboxer" in the hunt for the evil characters who kidnapped your love of life.